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The thirteenth GavranFest will be held 17-19 March 2022 in Senseble Theater in Augsburg, Germany. It's an international theatre festival with plays by Miro Gavran, Croatian writer.

The festival selectors and organizers Anne Schuster and Sebastian Seidel invited five theatres from three countries, Romania, Germany, Croatia with theatres from Bucharest, Augsburg Munich and Zagreb.

The festival opens with the premiere of ICECREAM produced by the host - Senseble Theater.

Along with theatre performances, there will also be a presentation of Gavran's collection of plays in German called ONE DRAMA AND FOUR COMEDIES in translations by Tihomir Glowatsky, Ljerka Orešković Herrmann and Ludwig Steindorff. There will also be three after-performance talk sessions with the author and ensembles.

Commenting the Festival, Gavran said: "I'm incredibly happy to have this Festival in Senseble Theatre after three postponing caused by the pandemic. I've been having a wonderful cooperation with this theatre for fifteen years. I'm looking forward to meet again the actors and directors who worked on my plays, and of course the German audience."

Festival Programme:

17 03 ICECREAM, Sensemble Theater, Augsburg, Germany

18 03 CREONT'S ANTIGONE, Theatre UND SO FORT, Munich, Germany

18 03 COFFEE AT NOON, Theatre GAVRAN, Zagreb, Croatia

19 03 Chekhov Says Good-bye to Tolstoy , Sensemble Theater Augsburg, Germany

19 03 ALL ABOUT WOMEN, Teatru Arte dell' Anima, Bucharest, Romania

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