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Dr. Freud's Patient by Miro Gavran online

A theatre hit comedy

Miro Gavran’s Dr. Freud’s Patient

performed by the

will be available online at

and on

from this Saturday 25th of April at 12 am

with English subs

This grotesque takes place in Vienna in 1919. The thirty-year-old Adolf Hitler comes to Sigmund Freud’s consulting room with his girlfriend Christine, looking for help. Their sex life is not developing as Adolf would wish. Freud agrees to treat these unusual patients but it is not long before unexpectedly unpleasant things start happening. The characters of the young dictator-to-be and the world’s most famous psychiatrist are depicted with a great deal of humour.

A special feature of this Internet premiere is in two recordings of two actresses in the same role of Hitler’s girlfriend. The play Dr. Freud's Patient by Miro Gavran has seen 12 premieres and is translated into 10 languages.

The young talented actors are bringing a lot of humour and energy into their performances, toying with human sexuality, questioning stereotypes on famous historical figures. Jakov Gavran got the ZLATNA MURVA best young actor for his performance of Adolf Hitler at the GLUMIŠTE POD MURVOM Festival in Skradin 2011.

Author ¬ Miro Gavran

Actors ¬ Peđa Gvozdić (Sigmund Freud), Jakov Gavran (Adolf Hitler),

Ana-Marija Percaić / Katarina Baban (Christine)

Director ¬ Robert Raponja

Scene and customs ¬ Jasmina Pacek

Music ¬ Peđa Gvozdić

Lighting ¬ Mario Vnučec i Robert Pavlić

Makeup ¬ Ružica Miler i Zdenka Mihelj

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